Because the hydraulic cylinder is subjected to a large pressure, the heavier the load, the greater its pressure. Therefore, the maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder is the most important part of the maintenance of the entire hydraulic system. The hydraulic cylinder is equivalent to the heart of the hydraulic system. It is difficult to repair the heart, so the maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder should be careful and meticulous.

       First of all, to prevent rust. Because the piston part of the hydraulic cylinder is extended out of the cylinder in the working state, it will naturally be attacked by oxide and acid gas. This requires us to apply a proper amount of grease to protect it from the piston as a load-bearing component. Abrasion may occur during work due to erosion.

       Second, you have to open the box for oil. Because of long-term use, it is inevitable that foreign matter will enter the hydraulic cylinder, so that friction increase will occur during use. In addition, the hydraulic oil also has a certain service life. If the oil is not changed for a long time, it will damage or erode the hydraulic cylinder.