Eaton Gear Pump

Eaton is a diversified power management company. It is a global leader in many industrial fields, including hydraulic power components, systems and services required by industrial equipment and mobile construction machinery, as well as power and transmission systems that help trucks and cars improve performance, fuel economy, and safety.

Eaton gear pump, such as series 26, series L2, etc., has the following characteristics.
* Eaton gear pumps adopt an improved bearing lubrication system, which helps increase volumetric efficiency to provide more power output.
* Highly polished shafts and gears can reduce component wear and improve mechanical efficiency, thereby increasing the service life and reliability of the pump.
* Eaton gear pumps use 13 teeth instead of 10 teeth to minimize noise and vibration. In addition, the improved steam trap release device can increase power and help keep the oil flowing smoothly to reduce noise.

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