Hawe Hydraulic Valve

HAWE HYDRAULIK was established in 1949 and has been committed to the development and production of high-pressure hydraulic components and systems for more than 70 years. It has several sales representative offices in Germany, and more than 30 sales agents and 13 wholly-owned subsidiaries around the world.

The characteristics of HAWE valve products are that the valve body adopts all-steel structure, with high pressure resistance, compact structure, small size, no leakage, and long service life. These products are widely used in construction machinery, machine tools, ships, metallurgy, hydraulic tools and other industries.

HAWE hydraulic valves include the following types,
• Directional spool valves PSLF, PSVF, SLF, etc.
• Directional seated valves MSV, RSV, VP, VH, VHP, VHR, CR, etc.
• Pressure control valves ADC, AM, ADM, ADME, SVP, SVPR, etc.
• Flow valves SD, SF,SK, SKR, ST, SB, CSJ, DSJ, SJ, etc.
• Check valves B, RK,RB, RC, RHC,RHCE, HRP, RH, etc.

ADC and AM pressure reducing valves are suitable for low fuel consumption control circuits. These valves have an overriding compensation function, that is, acting as a pressure limiting valve when the secondary pressure exceeds the set pressure due to, for example, an external force. Due to design-based reasons, there is a leakage flow.
ADM and ADME pressure reducing valves are suitable for larger flow rates to supply systems up to 10 lpm.

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