Hawe Solenoid Valve

HAWE Hydraulik is a medium-sized, family-owned company with international business, headquartered in Munich. The company has grown from a small factory to one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic equipment.

HAWE is a high-quality manufacturer that completely uses steel as its pressure-bearing parts, and its products adopt a combinable structure. Its 15 branches in Europe, North America and Asia have formed a global sales, service and engineering network.

HAWE solenoid valves include the following types,
• Directional spool solenoid valve CWS, SW, SWP, SWR, NSWP, EDL, etc.
• Directional seated solenoid valves WN, WH, EM,BEM, EMP, etc.

The CWS type directional spool valve group with series connection is directly driven. Consumers are black/white controlled. A series of connection blocks and auxiliary blocks provide a wide range of applications.

The valve block CWS is mainly used in mobile hydraulic systems. In a fixed hydraulic system, it can be installed directly on a compact hydraulic power station to form an extremely compact system solution.

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