Toyooki Gear Pump

Toyooki Kogyo was established in 1958. As a supporting supplier of pneumatic and hydraulic products for Toyota Group, Toyooki Kogyo has been committed to producing high-quality, small-space, energy-saving, low-noise gas-liquid systems that are beneficial to humans and the environment. Its products are widely used in machine tool transmission systems, welding industry, CNC numerical control lathe processing center, etc.

The TCP series of internal gear pump, such as TCP2-*, TCP3-*, TCP4-*, TCP5-*, has the following characteristics:

* WIth low-frequency sound, it features small pulsation and low noise.
* The pump has a compact structure and few moving parts. Because the pump body is made of special aluminum alloy, it is light in weight.
* It has the characteristics of simple structure, long service life, and high efficiency.

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