Interpump Piston Pump

Interpump Group SpA is the world's largest manufacturer of high-pressure professional piston pumps and one of the major groups in the international market of the hydraulic industry.

Established in 1977, the group, with its advanced technology and the use of innovative materials, allows it to produce high-pressure piston pumps that are more compact and easier to operate than competitors. In just a few years, the group has become the world's largest manufacturer of high-pressure piston pumps, and its products have become market benchmarks.

Interpump piston pumps contain the following series,
• Evolution 2 Series
• 47 Series
• HT Series
• SS Series, etc. 

Evolution 2 Series is the latest generation series, designed by Interpump Engineering Research Center, completely produced in Italy with sophisticated automation technology. The combination of high-quality standards and major technological innovation makes the product performance and reliability higher. Its flow rate is 8 to 16 liters per minute, the maximum pressure is 275 bar (4000 psi), and the motor power is up to 10 HP.

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