Moog Hydraulic Valve

MOOG is located in the United States and was established in 1951, initially engaged in the design and supply of aircraft and missile components. Today, the company's motion control products are widely used in civil aircraft cabins, generator fans, medical infusion systems, and many other markets and applications.

MOOG main products include: MOOG valve, MOOG servo valve, MOOG servo motor, MOOG controller, MOOG servo drive, MOOG electro-hydraulic servo valve, MOOG piston pump, etc.

MOOG Industrial Servovalves and Servo-Proportional Valves include the following series,
• Flow control servo valves D636 and D637 series, D633 and D634 series, etc.
• Pressure and flow (p/Q) control valves D638/D639 series, D638/D639 series, etc.

The 30 series servo valve has the following characteristics:
* It is a 2-stage flow control mechanical feedback servo valve.
* With low friction dual nozzle pilot stage for high resolution and low hysteresis.
* With robust structure design, it is suitable for extreme conditions (high shock, vibration or pressure).
* Ultra-compact, light-weight packaging.
* With high response to improve control ability.

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