Anson Piston Pump

Taiwan ANSON hydraulic pump manufacturer was established in 1984 and is famous for high-quality hydraulic vane pumps and hydraulic power units. ANSON not only continuously pursues technological breakthroughs in the development of new products, but also invests heavily in the most advanced processing equipment.

Piston pumps are also called electric reciprocating pumps, which are divided into single cylinder and multi-cylinder in structure.

It has good suction performance and can suck liquids with different media and different viscosities. It is suitable for conveying oil emulsions without solid particles at room temperature, etc., and used for water injection, oil injection, oil extraction, etc. in oil fields and coal seams.

Piston pumps are suitable for occasions with high pressure and small flow. Especially when the flow is less than 100 m³/h and the discharge pressure is greater than 9.8 MPa, it shows higher efficiency and good running performance.

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