Northman Hydraulic Valve

Founded in 1971, Northman has developed into a professional manufacturer of hydraulic reversing valves, control valves and water pumps. Northman uses the most advanced technology and strict quality processes to provide products that satisfy customers. It helps customers increase productivity and reduce costs.

In order to continuously manufacture hydraulic products, Northman has successfully implemented an automated flexible manufacturing system (FMS). Northman passed ISO 9001 certification in 1995, and in 1998, it passed CE certification.

Northman hydraulic valves include the following series,
• Directional Control Valves Series SWH-G02, SWH-G03,HD-G02, HD-G03, etc.
• Modular Control Valves Series MRF-02, MPR-02, MT-02, MC-02, etc.
• Pressure Control Valves Series RFG-01, RF, SRF-T/G, etc.
• Flow Control Valves TV Series, etc.

SWH-G02 series solenoid operated directional valve has the following characteristics:
* The armature runs in the oil system. The shock is cushioned, the noise is reduced, and the solenoid life is increased.
* The molded coil has the greatest insulation performance and is not affected by moisture and dirt.
* Plug-in solenoid valve for easy maintenance.
* Viton seal kits can be used for refractory fluids.

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