Kawasaki Hydraulic Valve

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is a group company headquartered in Japan, with Kawasaki Heavy Industries as its core enterprise, composed of nearly 100 affiliated companies at home and abroad.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is one of the long-established Japanese companies. Its business covers aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, railways, engines, motorcycles, robots and other fields, representing the level of Japanese technology.

Kawasaki hydraulic valves include the following series,
• KLSV series
• KLW series
• ERU2 series
• ERUP series, etc.

The KLSV series is a load sensing valve designed to control actuators on construction and industrial vehicles. The closed-heart load sensing system can be used in conjunction with a variable pump. The KLSV series has the following characteristics:

* Excellent control is achieved through flow sharing (post-compensator).
* Low pressure loss helps reduce the energy consumption of the hydraulic system.
* The high pressure capability makes the hydraulic system more efficient and compact.

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