Uchida Gear Pump

UCHIDA is headquartered in Japan and is a subsidiary of Bosch Group. In the field of construction machinery, it can be regarded as a large company in Japan, specializing in providing top-level machinery and marine hydraulic equipment.

UCHIDA gear pump includes the following series and models
• GPPO series GPPO-AOC10A1R-11, GPPO-AOC10A1L-11, etc.
• GPP1 series GPP1-FOE40A1R-11, GPP1-FOE40A1L-11, etc.
• GPP2 series GPP2-FOE125A1R-11, GPP2-FOE125A1L-11, etc.
• GSP series GSP2-AOS04AR-A0, GSP2-AOS04AL-A0, etc.
• GXP series GXP0-AOD40WRTB10ABR-20-976-0, etc.

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