Aron Hydraulic Valve

Aron Hydraulics has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in the hydraulic field, and its products have reached world-class high standards and high quality. The product range includes: solenoid directional valve, proportional control valve, proportional control multi-way valve, pilot solenoid valve, relief valve, tubular cartridge valve, flow pressure control valve, plate valve, superposition valve, etc.

Since 2002, Aron has become a member of Brevini Fluid Power, developing and producing advanced hydraulic systems for well-known machinery and equipment manufacturers. In 2016, Dana announced the acquisition of 80% of the power transmission and fluid power business of Brevini.

Aron hydraulic valves covers the following types,
• Cetop 3-AD3M-Mechanically Operated Valve
• Cetop 3-AD3D-Direct Mechanical Operated
• Cetop 3-AD3O-Oleodynamic Operated
• Cetop 3-AD3P-Pneumatic Operated
• Cetop 5-AD5D-Direct Mechanically Operated, etc.

The Aron directional control valve NG6 is designed for subplate installation, and its interface conforms to the UNI ISO 4401 – 03 – 02 – 0 – 94 standard (for example, CETOP R 35 H 4.2-4-03). Due to their high flow and pressure capacity and compact overall size, they can be used in all areas.

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