Honor Gear Pump

Taiwan HONOR company originated from a professional production line of hydraulic gear pumps in 1984. After the merger, it became a more professional gear pump manufacturer with a larger scale and a wider range of products.

At the same time, the enterprise base was expanded. It invested a large amount of capital to introduce world advanced technology and processing equipment to design highly efficient final inspection equipment, which laid a solid foundation for HONOR high-quality gear pumps to enter the international market.

The HONOR brand has been affirmed by the broad market and assessed as a highly competitive gear pump internationally. It is widely used in different industries.

HONOR Gear Pumps contain series like
• 1A Series Aluminum Metals Gear Pumps
• 2D/2T Series Multiple Pumps
• 21D/21T Series Multiple Pumps
• 3D/3T Series Multiple Pumps
• 4H Series Gear Pumps, etc.

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